About Me

My name is John. I was almost 50 before I understood and believed the gospel of Jesus Christ. Prior to coming to faith in Christ, I had believed certain biblical truths. I knew that Jesus was God in the flesh, that He died for our sins and was raised from the dead. I knew that He was necessary for my salvation, but didn’t quite understand that He was sufficient, without any promises or performance on my part. I remember reading somewhere online that I didn’t have to repent of my sins to receive eternal life. I mused on that, and thought to myself “if that were true, then Jesus would just give me eternal life, with no cost or obligation on my part.” After thinking about that, it dawned on me that it was true. And that is when I received eternal life.

About a year later, I began commenting on an online ministry called Notes From A Retired Preacher (aka “expreacherman”), which was founded by the late Jack Weaver. Jack invited me to become a co-administrator in 2013. After Jack passed away, I became the main administrator for the site that he founded.

I am married with two grown children. I worked in accounting and finance for thirty five plus years, and received a BS in Business Administration.  I don’t have any formal Bible training, but I love to share the simple gospel message.

I am glad you have joined us today, and hope that you will visit often.

Thanks.  John