The Gospel Explained

The most essential aspect of sharing our faith is being crystal clear on the gospel message.

With that in mind, we would like to suggest a resource that may help to equip you in sharing the gospel message.

It is a booklet by Ron Shea, founder of Clear Gospel Campaign.  The booklet, entitled “The Gospel” is an excellent, clear presentation of the plan of salvation.  The booklet gives solid explanations of grace, repentance, assurance, and eternal security.  The booklet is only 27 pages, so it has enough detail to explain God’s plan of salvation, without being too detailed.

Following is an excerpt from the last page of “The Gospel”:


Today a variety of “gospel” messages flood the air waves and pulpits across the globe. They range from sentimental overtures encouraging the lost sinner to “invite Jesus into his heart,” to threatening admonitions requiring the unbeliever to “repent of his sins.” Not surprisingly, believer and unbeliever alike have been left in a state of confusion. Even when the Gospel is proclaimed clearly and accurately, the hearer will often filter the words of the evangelist through a preexisting grid of false gospels which he has already heard, so failing to understand the saving message of Jesus Christ. With this in mind, The Gospel Booklet was written not only to explain and illustrate those concepts essential to saving faith such as our Lord’s atoning death and the doctrine of grace, but to address and correct much of the false teaching that is so often associated with the Christian Gospel. Clarifying so many complex theological issues in this short, easy-to-read booklet took close to five years of writing and editing. We know of no booklet in print today that presents the Gospel more clearly or accurately.

Please find “The Gospel” booklet linked below:

The Gospel